Multiple VPN's to different company's using the same ipaddressrange

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Mar 9th, 2007

Our Hospital needs many LAN to LAN VPN's to different other hospitals. Some of the other hospitals use the same private ip-range. We have ASA5510, most other hospitals have watchguard. Is it possible to solve this with natting ? Is there a way to define different natting for every tunnel ?

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kaachary Fri, 03/09/2007 - 04:50

Yes, you can have the subnet natted specifically for this tunnel.

You can use policy based natting for this.

Its always a good idea to do NAT on both the ends, to avoid complexity in the config.

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-Kanishka Fri, 03/09/2007 - 04:58

Could you give me a clue on how to configure this on ASA5510 ? I've been searching in asdm and as far as I can find out, In policy natting, I can filter on interface, on ipaddress and on protocol but not on tunnel ?

kaachary Fri, 03/09/2007 - 05:10

Giving you an example :

Let's say the network on both the ends is

On Watchgaurd they nat it to

On your side, say , yu nat it to

The policy nat statements would be like this:

1: Create an acl for to identify traffic :

access-list policy_nat

Define a static NAT with policy :

static (inside,outside) access-list policy_nat

And you crypto ACL would look like :

access-list cry_acl

You should be good to go !

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-Kanishka Fri, 03/09/2007 - 05:17

Thank you for your effort.

But my configuration is somewhat different. My subnet is and I want 2 tunnels to 2 different company's that both use subnet

I don't know if the watchguards at the other end can nat their source-ip to something different.


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