NM-NAM not seeing Router data

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Mar 9th, 2007

I have a NM-NAM installed in a 3845 with a 9 Port FE Switch card, PID: HWIC-D-9ESW and an ATM OC3 POM, PID: NM-1A-OC3-POM cards installed. When I look at the NAM monitoring I can see Apps, Hosts and Conversations, but I get the following under Router:

"No data available.

Possible reasons:

- Data still being gathered for initial interval.

- Router community string not configured properly. Test at Setup > Router Parameters

- Interface Stats not enabled on the router. Check router configuration"

The router and NAM has been up for 24 hrs.

I have tested the router connectivity and it is OK.

I'm not sure how to "Check router configuration" for interface stats.

Will I be able to see interface stats on this router or is the fact that I'm running a switch card in a router preventing this? Will I see ATM interface stats? I can't enable the ATM in the lab like I can the ethernet ports.

Will enabling NBAR on the ATM and VLAN interfaces add any value to the NAM stats?

Will enabling NetFlow on the ATM and VLAN interfaces add any value to the NAM stats?

I have this problem too.
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Joe Clarke Fri, 03/09/2007 - 13:17

NBAR is something separate. If you just want interface statistics, go to Setup > Moinitor > Core Monitoring, select the Router data source, and make sure Interface Statistics is checked.

michaelfoote Mon, 03/12/2007 - 11:06


Thanks for the reply. I do have the Interface Statistics box checked in Setup > Moinitor > Core Monitoring. I am running v 3.4(1a) of the NAM software. Would patching or upgrading help?

Joe Clarke Mon, 03/12/2007 - 12:06

By default, the NAM monitors in incremental mode. Unfortunately, this mode only supports ethernet interfaces. If you change the static=0 to static=1 in your URL, you should see all your interfaces.

michaelfoote Mon, 03/12/2007 - 12:48


Thanks for the quick reply. I made the URL change you recommended and it took me to the Monitor > Router > Interface Stats > Cumulative Data screen. I still see no stats and I was checking the interface stats on the router an there are some.

I have attached a screen capture of what I see. The "Showing 0-0 of 0 interfaces" has me worried that I have something configured incorrectly.

Should I open a ticket for this so your time is accounted for?

Joe Clarke Mon, 03/12/2007 - 13:08

I don't have a router with an NM-NAM that has an ATM interface nor a switch module. If this switch module runs its own IOS, then it would have no chance of showing up in the Interface Stats list. Also, my NAM is running 3.5(1a), and I only have the code for 3.5, so I'm not sure if 3.4 behaved differently.

However, in 3.5, when looking at cumulative stats, the NAM will do an snmpwalk of the ifTable, and present data for each interface. You should make sure your interfaces are showing up correctly in the ifTable, and also try re-Applying the interface stats under Setup > Monitor > Core Monitoring.

If you still get nothing, and the ATM interface is showing up in the table, and you do not want to upgrade, then go ahead and open a TAC Service Request.

michaelfoote Wed, 03/14/2007 - 05:45


Thanks for all your assistance. I upgraded the NAM to 3.5(1b) and many of the issues have been eliminated. If there are additional things that come up related to this issue I will open a TAC SR.

Thanks again,



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