CSCse38065 - Memory leak in hapi buffer (WiSM/4400)

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Anyone seen this? have had it happen once on 3 different controllers. After it happened recently on 1st WiSM WLC, APs joined the first WiSM WLC in their Mobility Group list (mWar list), until this controller had the same issue. APs did not appear to try to go elsewhere (or controller could not respond to tell them). Controllers could not be accessed by any means until they were rebooted. After which all was well and AP Fallback kicked in.

CSCse38065 Bug Details

Headline Memory leak in hapi buffer pool 0

Product ct4000-4100

Feature OTHERS Duplicate of

Severity 2 Severity help Status Unreproducible Status help

First Found-in Version

3.2(116.21), 4.0(179.11) First Fixed-in Version Version help

Release Notes


May lose all access to controller, except through console. output on console:

User:mmc_buff.c 210: In hapiMmcBuffMalloc() call to 'bufferPoolAllocatemmc_buffe

User:mmc_buff.c 210: In hapiMmcBuffMalloc() call to 'bufferPoolAllocatemmc_buffl


Power cycle controller

I have this problem too.
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