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Mar 12th, 2007

Will RR client advertise routes to Route reflector which were learned by EBGP?

pls clarify and links would be helpful.

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Danilo Dy about 9 years 7 months ago

Yes for both

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Jon Marshall Mon, 03/12/2007 - 01:14


Yes, if a route-reflector client is peering with an external BGP router any routes it learns from the external peer will be advertised to the route reflector which will then advertise those routes to any other of it's clients and also all other non-clients that the route-reflector peers with.

Attached is a link that gives an overview of how Router reflectors work.




rajivrajan1 Mon, 03/12/2007 - 01:23

and what about Two route reflectors directly connected would that be a problem at any cast?

Jon Marshall Mon, 03/12/2007 - 02:32


A route reflector treats other route reflectors as IBGP speaking non-clients so it will use the standard rules that are listed in the attached link i sent.

You can have multiple route reflectors with the same set of clients. These route-reflectors would be in the same cluster.



Danilo Dy Mon, 03/12/2007 - 02:57

Jon is correct!

I can't give you a link but have use the following config in production


R1, R2, and R3 has eBGP with different providers

R1 and R3 advertises routes they received from their eBGP neighbors to R2, R1 and R3 are sharing routes received from their eBGP neighbors, R2 advertises routes it received from its eBGP neighbor to R1 and R3.

This configurations happen when the RRC is not peering to any external AS and one day it enables eBGP peering.

Take note that removing the "neighbor route-reflector-client" will reset iBGP between RR and RRC.

rajivrajan1 Mon, 03/12/2007 - 04:42

hi jon ,

So RR<->RR is standard IBGP.Okei but I did not get the link:(


Hope you understood.This is related to my previous conversation Last week.Im about to implement IBGP between All the routers.

So the conclusion is like this.

1.Route reflector Client will advertise Any learned routes through EBGP to RRs.

2.RRs will treat other RRs as IBGP peers.

Am i right?


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