haytham.nassar Mon, 03/12/2007 - 05:56


i am using CallManger v 4.1

Cisco unity connection v 1.1

hope that will help you to help me :-)



If you're just looking for call history, you can use MSAccess to query the call manager databases directly. I've got a MSAccess document that I use to look at call histories, filtering based on phone numbers and time. Nothing too fancy, but it does let me look at call histories, long distance billing, and call errors, etc.

haytham.nassar Tue, 03/20/2007 - 22:14

do you have a bief steps to use MSAccess to get the history for the users ? i will appreciate that


Go under "data sources" to "System DSN" in the control panel on your local machine. Add a new SQL Server source pointing to the IP address of your Call Manager and the CDR database. You might have to go to the SQL manger on the CallManager to add a valid username name and give them permissions first. Run MSAccess and create a new file. Under tables, right-click and select "Link Tables". Scroll in the file type dropdown and select OOBC database, select the DSN you just created, the table name you want is called dbo.CallDetailReport (at least that's the name for my CM 3.1.2c).


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