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swmorris Mon, 03/12/2007 - 07:27

There are many useful links out there (start with what is listed in the blueprint, and branch out from there)!

As you start moving down this path, there are plenty of details to be paying attention to. A good workbook to move you down the path from the single technologies through the concepts of putting everything together as needed to pass your lab exam is the IPexpert product line.

You'll find everything to meet your needs with the Lab workbook and Proctor Guide for detailed explanations. In addition, you can also find the Audio CD collection of materials to assist in your retention of all the technologies.

The Security racks of ProctorLabs (part of the IPexpert group) have every piece of updated equipment that you will find in the actual lab exam.

As a company, IPexpert works on providing everything you will need in order to learn the technologies and concepts in your lab preparation! The products have been prepared by a well qualified team of professionals, most of whom have multiple CCIEs and many years consulting and teaching experience.

Check out for details!


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