Agent State "policing" in IPCC

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Mar 12th, 2007

My IPCC CSQ agents take inbound sales calls and perform outbound followup calls during times of low inbound call-volume.

I'm looking for an effective way to "police" my people's work. Since outcalls put them in a NotReady state, I can't use the login times as a benchmark. The agent-state report is okay, but the NotReady state doesn't tell me whether my people are working or wasting time.

Ideally I would disable the ready/not-ready buttons and simply use login time as my punch-clock, but IPCC doesn't allow automatic Ready state at startup/login. I could remove the "not-ready" button so the options are: LOGIN / READY / LOGOUT, but agents are not-ready at login, which sets me up for potential abuse (time wasting)

I've considered "talk-time" minimums, but that's tough to enforce when inbound call volume is so variable.

All I really want is for my agents to stay logged in for X% of their day, making outbound calls when their phones aren't ringing.

Any ideas?


I have this problem too.
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telcorinc Wed, 05/07/2008 - 13:08

I understand this original post was done over a year ago, but looking through these posts I just wanted to follow-up on this comment.

I am using IPCCX 5.1 and I had the same idea with the workflow, setting the state to "AgentReady"; however, this action cannot be accomplished (at least in my version of IPCCX). When you try and add this item into the workflow at the "Startup" event, you get an error that says "Error on Startup Event. Error Message: An Agent State Action may only be used on Answered and Dropped Events."

Yes, the AgentState option is available in the Work Flow configuration. No, you can't use the AgentState features in a Startup event.

At the heart of the Cisco Agent Desktop the Agent still has to change their state into "Ready". To my knowledge there is no way around this.



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