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Mar 12th, 2007
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I read the following in a routing book from Cisco, but they didn't give an example config. Can someone show me how this would be configured (just for one of the servers)? Also, can NAT like this be done on the 3750 SMI? Thanks!


In Figure 4-10, the enterprise has a mail server at the local address and an HTTP server at the local address Both servers have a global address of When a host from the outside sends a packet to the inside, the NAT examines the destination port in addition to the destination address. In Figure 4-10, a host has sent a packet to with a destination port of 25, indicating mail. The NAT translates this packet's destination address to the mail server's, A second packet from the same host has a destination port of 80, indicating HTTP. The NAT translates this packet's destination address to the Web server's,

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acomiskey Mon, 03/12/2007 - 16:58
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In a pix it would be...

static (inside,outside) tcp 25 80 netmask

static (inside,outside) tcp 80 80 netmask

matt_heff Mon, 03/12/2007 - 18:41
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I know on a router I can do:

ip nat inside source static tcp extendable

Can I configure a pool of outisde ip's to map to the one internal ip, or can I only do one-to-one?

And does anyone know if this is supported on the 3750? I cant really find any info on what NAT features are supported?



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