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Hello all!

I cann't understand one thing about throughput ISR (1841/2851 series). Fast/Cef switching for this model 38.4 Mbps and 112.6 Mbps (correct me if It is not true), BUT, look there Maximum throughput for this models with AIM-modules are 45 Mbps and 160 Mbps. Why? What is a realy throughput for 2851 with AIM-module? And what is about other models?

I have this problem too.
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Amit Singh Tue, 03/13/2007 - 02:54


The throughput of ISR2851 with AIM-module is 160Mbps as mentioned in the link above. AIM-module is a separate piece of hardware used with the router for VPN accelerated services.With out the AIM-module the performance of the router will decrease from 112.6 mbps as it has to do IPSEC VPN in software.

-amit singh

Thanks for you quick answer!

112 Mbps - it is throughput without ACL, IPSEC, QoS, voice and othe features, with 64 bytes packets only. I can't find reference for this data on cisco's web quickly, but you may be can. I want to know, if I setup AIM-module in 2851, what is throughput will be -- less than 112 Mbps? I can't understand why VPN-throughput will be more than throughput of all router.


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