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Mar 14th, 2007

Not something I've attempted before so perhaps somebody can shed some light.

Have a PIX configured with static inside translations, so servers appear with a fixed IP address on external subnet.

In addition to this I want to add a static outside translation so that all outside addresses appear to come from the same address to the host inside.

Presumably the 2 can co-exist, the result being 2 separate translations?

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Jon Marshall Wed, 03/14/2007 - 05:29


I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work as you are Natting source IP addresses only so there should not be an overlap.

So to nat outside addresses you could do

nat (outside) 1 outside

global (inside) 1 "ip address" netmask

I have used NAT like this before but not for all addresses, ie i had specific subnets coming in via VPN tunnels so i have never used the addressing for outside NAT.

Let me know if it works



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