CSA upgrade issue

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I have an issue and was wondering if anyone had similar problems and what was done to resolve it.

The basics: upgrading from 4.5.1r654 to 5.0r176 for ~28K hosts. Schedule the software upgrade, user gets it when on the network, goes home connects to home network and can't get to internet/vpn or anywhere. They come back to work, boot on the network and are fine.

Sending out the software update with a required reboot is not an option (politically speaking).

Any help would be appreciated.


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tsteger1 Thu, 03/15/2007 - 11:47
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It sounds like you are not forcing a reboot after the initial upgrade, right?

Does it work after they go home again? Is the MC reachable from anywhere or only on your corporate network?

One scenario has you deploy the agent kit in test mode so it won't stop anything right away.

Then you'll have to manually move them to protect mode and by then they should have rebooted several times.


Correct, we're not forcing a reboot after the upgrade.

We're still testing whether it works when they go home again. It doesn't matter if they are in testmode or not, it seems they cannot get an IP address either way on their home network. The MC is only reachable from the corporate network except thru vpn. They can't vpn in because they aren't getting an IP.


tsteger1 Thu, 03/15/2007 - 12:46
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Interesting. I know that the agent functionality is limited after an upgrade and until it can reach the MC.

The Network adapter is disabled at a certain point during the install too.

Does it happen with all stations or just some?

tsteger1 Thu, 03/15/2007 - 15:21
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You may want to examine csalog.txt for clues and determine if they are broken just once or if they won't work until they can reach the MC.

It might just be a matter of needing a second restart and 120 or so failures out of 28000 (are they all laptops?) doesn't seem too bad.



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