Limitation of Linksys Wireless Routers

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Hi all,

I've noticed that typical "Residential" class Linksys routers (and I presume other manufactures as well) seem to have difficulty supporting more than one simultaneous VPN connection. I'm referring to the scenario where two machines sit behind a linksys router and try to run software based VPN clients to a remote VPN concentrator. The linksys appears to be able to support only one at a time and if host A tries to establish a VPN connection it kicks off host B's VPN connection if it's already in progress.

My question is... Do the Cisco Aironet Wireless access point have this limitation?

I am aware that you can configure PPTP tunneling from the client linksys to the site VPN concentrator and run traffic through it and I suppose in theory this could support multiple connections from client to site but we would prefer to just use the VPN client software on the host without having to keep a tunnel open.

Appreciate any advice in this regard.

Cheers - Peter

I have this problem too.
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