Pickup Calls during a Hunt Group Call

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Mar 19th, 2007


We are using Call Manager 4.1(3) and people are asking why they can't pick up calls during a hunt group call. People are leaving their desk for a couple of mins, sometimes less, and other people want to be able to pick up their calls when their phone rings. However it seems calling the hunt pilot prevents people from being able to pick up their calls. They can only pick up calls if they have been called directly (rather than calling the hunt group number). Other than extension mobilitiy as this takes too much effort to keep logging in and out of phones, is there anyway to log in and out of a Hunt Group please or does anyone know of an alterate solution?

Any help is much appreciated.


I have this problem too.
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jbarcena Mon, 03/19/2007 - 06:44

You are hitting this bug: CSCsb42763

In order to pickup calls from a Line Group you need to be at least on CCM 4.1(3) sr2 and then do the following:

1.- Enter

CSCsb42763 (in mixed case) in the Enterprise Parameter 'Cisco Support

Use 1' under the new group 'Cisco Support use Only' and click update. Only the value

CSCsb42763 in this parameter can enable the configuration. Change the

value to anything else to disable this functionality.

2. Go to Hunt Pilot Configuration page and select a call pickup group from the Call

Pickup Group dropdown list and click update.



michael.george Mon, 03/19/2007 - 10:25

Great find! Thanks for the info.

Just now the fun of working out how to 'cheat' the bug.

networkdefence Tue, 04/24/2007 - 00:32

Cisco Support is there any solution for customers running 4.1(3)sr1 as we have a customer who is asking exactly this question regarding picking up calls from a number of hunt groups.

Is there a work around for this?



Tim Smith Mon, 08/27/2007 - 06:25

Thanks Jorge,

That is a great work around..

Is there any official info on that feature though? The bug ID didnt seem to mention it?

Is it safe to apply in a production environment?



jbarcena Mon, 08/27/2007 - 06:31

That info is on the internal notes for the bug, just for Cisco employees but it is completely safe to apply in a production system.



Tim Smith Wed, 08/29/2007 - 04:25

Hi Jorge,

What about this bug ID?

What is the work around for that one..

am I likely to hit it if I implement the first fix?



planetmaker Wed, 08/29/2007 - 04:36

Ha ha I remember when I found that fix too I was so happy I bought myself two footlong Subway sandwiches!

rob.huffman Wed, 08/29/2007 - 05:24

Hi Tim,

I have never had to use this, but my understanding was that only the Hunt Pilot had to be assigned to a Pickup Group. This workaround tries to match the "broken" funtionality from CCM 4.0.2. Have a look at these two clips;

From the code in 4.0(2a)SR1, as long as this is configured, **any alerting party is added to the Call Pickup table**. The alerting party does not need to have Pickup configured.

One possible workaround for this issue is to assign the Hunt Pilot itself, instead of the Line Group members, to a Pickup Group. All of the Line Group members which are a part of this Hunt Pilot can be picked up with the Pickup Group that is assigned to the Hunt Pilot.

Hope this helps!


jchorlton Thu, 09/20/2007 - 04:26

I am successfully using CSCsb42763 in my Enteprise Parameters at to pickup calls from Huntgroups.

I love how Pickup Group option just appears!

What other functionality is hidden away I wonder.

afischer1 Tue, 11/27/2007 - 11:24

I am running call manager 4.2 and i applied the bug fix (Fix) and received the proper pickup drop down box in the hunt pilot config page. When i try and pick up a call from the hunt pilot i just get a fast busy.

Does anyone have an suggestions to reslove this issue?


mverburg_ne Wed, 12/05/2007 - 01:33

Hi group

The option is working indeed on the 5.1 version.

Only one strange thing.

When i use this option with normal extensions and a hunt group, it works fine.

Now i activate extension mobility, all the extension mobibilty users are in the same call pickup group. The first line is the extension mobility directory number, the second line will be the normal directory number. Reason: to make it possible to sign in and out the hunt group ont the extension mobility numbers and also be available on the original number (customer request)

When now someboy try to doe a call pickup within the group the call will be directed forwarded into the huntgroup.

Does anybody have a sugegstion?




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