Temp fail on the ip phone

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Mar 22nd, 2007

Dear All

We are facing an issue with the phones getting the temp fail on the ip phones.When the ip phones calls up the pstn gateway in U.S there is temp fail on the ip phones only with few calls,majority of the calls are getting through.The rtp set up is happening then the error is seen and nothing is heard.The call manager version is 4.2(1) without any service release and os version is 2000 4.3a sr.Do we need any sr on the 4.2(1)?

I have this problem too.
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Tommer Catlin Thu, 03/22/2007 - 09:30

Sounds more like you have gateway problem, not a ccm problem.

- phone connects to CCM

- CCM sets up the call to the gateway

- CCM hands the call to the gateway

- gateway and IP phone connect

- CCM drops out of the loop completely.

So if the call is setup, the call is connected, but no audio is heard, you have a codec or routing issue possibly at the gateway. I would try and reset the gateway from CCM or even log into the gateway, reset it and try again.

Jason Aarons Thu, 03/22/2007 - 09:33

What is the phone model and load. I saw this on 7941/7961 running load 7.X, upgrade to 8.x.

Could also be gateway/subscriber loss of traffic. I want to say temp fail is loss of RTP packets to gateway.

ganeshraghuram Thu, 03/22/2007 - 22:50


Thanks for your reply. But we are getting this error on all the phones.There is no perticular model number on which we are getting this

lwai Fri, 03/23/2007 - 08:46

Dear all,

The tmep. failure on the phone sets do not cause from gateway, ip phone and callmanager.

It is cause by lack of transcoder resources.

Do you use codec g.711 and g.729 codec in the system together?

The g.729 need more DSP resources as it make calls to PSTN phone. If no DSP resources is available, the error will display on the phone. No rtp voice streams take place or call drops immediately.

Add more DSP and define hardware transcoder and conference for the phone sets will solve this issue.

ganeshraghuram Sun, 03/25/2007 - 21:23


Thanks for the reply.We had seen the lack of resource on the router so would be adding more dsps to the gateway router in U.S.But it is not the same router from where the phones have there cnfbridge and xcode configured.As this router is the gateway router in U.S and the router from where we get the cnfbridge and xcode is in india.


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