Error on upgrading from 4.1 to 4.2(3) on local csv file.

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Mar 22nd, 2007

I am trying to upgrade from CM 4.1 to CM 4.2(3)

I have a running CM 4,1 with OS 2000-2-7.

I am going to upgrade to CM 4.2(3) and have installed the OS 2000-4-4a and the SR 3 without any problems,

Now when trying to install the CCO upgrade CM 4.2(3) I ran into a error like this.

?An error occurred doing Cisco unified callmanager installation because a local CSV file is missing, To correct the error install the correct local and reinstall cm??..?

It seems to be the bug CSCec37576 ? Database does complete migration because of missing locale CSV file? but the workaround doesn?t work in my case.

Does anybody have an id?e what to DO????

I appreciated any help, And thanks to any who is trying to help me


Lars Gaba

I have this problem too.
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rob.huffman Thu, 03/22/2007 - 12:32

Hi Lars,

I think you might be actually hitting this different bug;

CSCse96081 Bug Details

First Found-in Version 4.2(1)

Release Notes


I examined the cluster and discovered that the locales were not installed on the publisher and only on one (or more) of the subscribers. This indicated that locale data was present in the publisher's database but there were no localised files.

During the upgrade the upgrade tool noticed locales were present (by only checking the database) and continued with the upgrade, then later (at notably a very inappropriate moment) that there really were no files. At which point it fails and is stuc

k - cannot fallback and cannot move forwards.


Copy the locale CSV files to the appropriate location and restart the upgrade; this will fool the upgrade program into thinking the locale is really installed on the server.

Note that the Locale Installer checks for a functioning database before proceeding with the installation, so in your publisher's current "in limbo" state it will not install locales - this is by design.

The cause of the problem can be identified by checking for localised files and folders on every machine in the cluster(s), starting with the publisher(s): Look in here and see if there are any folders with names with this format Language_Country or

just Country: C:\Program Files\Cisco\LocaleInstaller\

Within the folders should be a file called LocaleVersion.txt, containing build information.

If none of the localised folders exist and neither does the LocaleInstaller parent folder then no locales were installed on that machine. The next step is then to recover the machine by copying all Locale Installer-installed CSV files from a subscri

ber to the publisher:

1. Copy all C:\Program Files\Cisco\CallManager\DBInstallCSV\Products\__User_Locale.csv to the publisher (same path) 2. Copy all C:\Program Files\Cisco\CallManager\DBInstallCSV\Products\_Network_Locale.csv to the publisher

(same path) 3. Restart the upgrade on the publisher 4. Install 4.2(1) locales (now available on on ALL SERVERS.

Hope this helps!


laped Fri, 03/30/2007 - 08:11

Hi Rob

Sorry for the late responce, but your help was perfect. It was the CSCse96081 Bug. So I just copyet the locals from one of my 5 subscriber and my upgrade went just fine.

Thanks for the help Rob.

Have a nice weekend

Kind regards

Lars Gaba


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