1811W Inittial configuration - can't see internet

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Mar 23rd, 2007
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I have figured out how to access the router after its configuration was erased. Went through the manual steps to enable SDM access. I have all the ports disabled except fastethernet2 with no IP and vLan1 assigned to this got me back where I could run SDM. PC is manually configured for and default gateway is

I run SDM to configure a PPPoe connection and it sets up default route and PAT between vLAN1 and dialer0(fastethernet0). when I run the test of the WAN connection it passes all tests except the ping the DNS servers. I configured the ISP supplied servers in the routers DNS page. The PPPoe tunnel is up and the ISP can see the router. I cannot get to the internet.

I can ping the inside interface and the static IP of the outside interface (provided by ISP) 2nd issue is ISP provided two IPs one for each DSL line all the same except ending in .39 for one and .52 for the other. If I try to configure both WANs it argues about the other IP address. What do I do here?

If I plug the credentials and IPs in my netgear router either DSL modem and line work fine.

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deigonza Sun, 03/25/2007 - 05:43
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Hi Charlie,

Can u post the configuration of your router? It seems to be a routing issue since the SDM tool usually dismiss the routing to the dialer interface; if you have the chance, go to the command line and configure the following:

Router(config)#ip route dialer0

After that, do a ping to the outside (any ip, i.e and check if you are able to go outside.

Charlieak Tue, 03/27/2007 - 06:19
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That was the issue there was no default route set up on the fastethernet0.

Now I have it talking to the internet on either WAN interface - I have two DSL lines.

The download performance is terrible. My ISP requires an MTU of 1442. I do not see a way of setting MTU in SDM. Can I add it using the console port commnands with out having to redo everything via the command line? How do I optimize the performance of the dsl line. I get 700 k download speeds on a cheap netgear router on the same DSL lines I get 75k downloads on the 1811. Uploads are the same - 300-350k. Lastly this was bought to use the load balancing and failover between WAN ports - Nothing in SDM shows me how. Either I am missing something or this tool is a joke. Is there some typical or default configuations I can load and modify from there. What I am trying to do should be pretty standard. 2 ADSL WANS Load balanced to feed a single gateway address, one DMZ address and activate the wireless LAN to be on the same subnet with access to the internet through the same gateway.

Charlieak Tue, 03/27/2007 - 15:07
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I believe I figured out how to add commands without erasing the whole config. I set the MTU to 1442 (what my ISP wants it set to) on fastethernet0 and on dialer0 but performance still is slower download than uploads. Where do I set the PVC? ISP says theres is 0/35. All the examples show this on an ATM interface which I do not have. What else do I do to optimize this connection?

sundar.palaniappan Tue, 03/27/2007 - 15:13
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Configure 'ip tcp adjust-mss 1400' under fastethernet interface. This should work better than lowering the interface MTU itself. This command should expedite the process of the client to server window size negotiation.



Charlieak Wed, 03/28/2007 - 05:45
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Why 1400 and not 1442? That is the where I get the fastest downloads on a cheap netgear router. Does this setting include the TCP overhead? Do I take the TCP command out of the interface dialer0? What about the PVC which the ISP says is 0/35?


sundar.palaniappan Wed, 03/28/2007 - 11:18
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You can set it to 1442 if it worked for you in the past. Yes, you don't need the MTU or ip tcp adjust-mss command on the dialer interface. I don't know what's your question about the PVC?



Charlieak Wed, 03/28/2007 - 16:04
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How do I remove the MTU command on the dialer interface? For the PVC question - do I need to set it somewhere in the config to optimize the ADSL connection that is working through the fastethernet0 (dialer0) interface on this router. More important - I want to know what commands I should implement to optimize the stability and speed of the the ethernet connection through the ADSL modem. Should it be duplex, MTU, PVC settings etc. Is this not standard way of doing this? Once this is done on each ADSL line then I need to get the load balancing and failover working. This should not be this hard. Or am I missing something (as usual).


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