Help needed to upgrade CSS version 5 build 2

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Hi All,

I'm relatively new in CSS devices. In my new account, there are 2 CSS which is running a very OLD IOS version:

MOM-CSS2# version

Version: ap0500002 (5.00 Build 2)

Flash (Locked): 5.00 Build 2

Flash (Operational): 5.00 Build 2


Licensed Cmd Set(s): Standard Feature Set

I need some advise in upgrading the version to a later release without putting too much risk into incompatibility issue.

Hope to hear some advise from you guys.


I have this problem too.
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joquesada Sun, 03/25/2007 - 21:09


If you want to get the latest version available in CCO ( 5.00.610s ) here is the link: ( it requires a valid CCO login ) This code is almost two years old but you can upgrade to the latest 5.00 version available but you would need to open a case with the TAC in order for them to publish the code for you, this due that it is not currently available in CCO, due the CSS 11000 are currently in End of Life status, so newer codes aren't published on CCO.

This link explains the easiest way to upgrade the code on a CSS:

Let me know if this helps. Thanks!


Jose Quesada.

Hi Jose,

Understand that the latest version available seems to be version 8.x.

Please advise on the upgrade path i could use in order to upgrade to the latest version which my hardware is able to support. Thanks

Below is my system resource, please advise if any other information is needed?

MOM-CSS1# sh system-resources

System Resources:

Installed Memory: 134,217,728 (128 MB)

Free Memory: 29,151,776 (27 MB)

CPU: 1%

Buffer Statistics:

Buffer Pool: 0

Size: 256 Total:1000 Available:2000 Failures: 0 Low Buffer Count: 995

Buffer Pool: 1

Size:1600 Total:9000 Available:8307 Failures: 0 Low Buffer Count: 8230


Version: ap0500002 (5.00 Build 2)

Flash (Locked): 5.00 Build 2

Flash (Operational): 5.00 Build 2


Licensed Cmd Set(s): Standard Feature Set

joquesada Sun, 03/25/2007 - 22:24


You are using a CSS 11000 series. That piece of hardware supports only the Webns software 5.00 or 6.10 version.

The versions 7.x and 8.x of Webns can be used only by the 11500 series hardware.

I didn't mentioned the 6.10 version as I only recommend to use it when you want the specific features available on that version, otherwise, I consider the 5.00 version more stable.

Given that you have the 5.00 build 2 code on your CSS, you can safely upgrade to the latest version of 5.00 without any problem.

Thanks & Regards,


joquesada Mon, 03/26/2007 - 08:50

Hi Charles,

On this web page, you'll find the release notes for all the maintenance releases that have been published for the Webns code. Look into the first link of the web page for details.

A good way to justify an upgrade from the current firmware you are running would be all the caveats that have been resolved in newer versions that are affecting the 5.00.002 version.

I hope things work out fine. Thanks!

Kind regards,



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