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Mar 26th, 2007
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we are going to buy "AIR-AP1232AG-S-K9" in singapore. And we need 2 antennas, 1 is directly connected with AP and other will be 10 meters away.

My first queesiton is: does "AIR-AP1232AG-S-K9" come with antenna?

If not, which kind of antenna and cable I can choose?

I checked cisco product list, and I found:

antenna: (1)AIR-ANT1728 2.4 GHz, 5.2 dBi Ceiling Omni Ant. w/RP-TNC Connector

(2)AIR-ANT4941 2.4 GHz,2.2 dBi Dipole Antenna w/ RP-TNC Connect. Qty. 1

(2) is a lot cheaper than (1), what is the difference between this 2?

I also choose the cable:


Is it Ok with our requirement?


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csannedhi Mon, 03/26/2007 - 06:52
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Cisco recommends two antennas to provide diversity to overcome effects of multipath. The built-in software inside the Access Point constantly monitors signal received from both antennasa and uses the best input. They should be separated by at least 5 inches but not more than 20 inches. More information is at

Diversity doesn't mean you need two antennas. But having two is better than just one antenna.

To answer your second question, the Cisco APs do not come with any antennas. That means you are free to choose any antenna as long as its tranmit power is within the legal limits for that particular frequency range.

As you may have noticed ANT1728 looks like a pipe. You can hang it from a dropped ceiling. But ANT4941 directly attaches to the Access Point. Even though the second one says di-pole both these models are omni-directional in the horizontal plane. In the E-plane(vertical plane) ANT1728 gives 38 degree coverage plane as opposed to ANT4941's 70 degrees - this may be a good thing if you less interference in the top and bottom floors. Keep in mind that ANT1728 is 9 inches long and hangs out in public.



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