Catalkyst express 500 - 2960 gateway 2811 and me. Please help

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Hello there, I will explain my situation, it might be a little long but its not complicated, Any suggestion would be apreciated.

Old Setup:

3 Catalyst Switches Connected together

1 Ip gateway 2811 (routing 192.168.A.XXX to 192.168.B.XXX (My ip phones are on the A.XXX network))

Everything works fine.


Since my network was a little bit slow due to the Cat Expr 500 connected together in a cascading method, i decided to buy a Cisco 2960G switch and use it as a bridge for all my CAT 500.

This switch have 8X1GB ports and does not provide POE.

I assigned the 2960G 4 switch roles and I connected my 4 Catalyst switches to the 2960G using their 1GB port. Everything works fine, I an happy.

I then decided to connect my Cisco 2800 gateway to one catalyst 500 express switch and i gave it the Router role.

No i have a problem, The gateway provides Ip telephony to the switch it is connected to only. If i want all my 4 Catalyst Express 500 switches to work with my ip system, I have to link them together through a random port a little bit like this: Switch1-->Switch2-->Switch3-->Switch-->4

Of course all my 4 switches are ALSO connected to my 2960 using their 1GB port

Is there a way I can connect my Cisco 2800 in my 2960G so it can provide the service to all the Catalyst switches?? If yes should i assign a particular port??

Whats the point on having a 2960G to speed up the network if I still have to connect my 4 catalyst express switches together? :(

Thanks for your time and your help.

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answanso Tue, 03/27/2007 - 10:30
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  • Cisco Employee,

I don't understand why you don't connect the 2811 to the 2960G...To me, from what you describe above it makes more sense. This is what I would do:



2811----2960 _



Between the 2811 and 2960 create a trunk. On the 2811, create a sub-interface for each vlan on the CE500's. Assign each sub-interface an IP address for that particular vlan.

On the 2960 create for trunks, 1 to each CE500.

When you add hosts make sure that their default gateway points to the sub-interface on the 2811. This will do the inter-vlan routing for your hosts.

This is called routing on a stick, because there is one trunk port uplink and all vlan traffic goes to the 2811 for routing.

answanso Tue, 03/27/2007 - 11:23
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  • Cisco Employee,

I suspect you mean between your internet connection and the 2811 you have a firewall. This will be between your internal networks. The router will know about them via directly connected routes, which will be more specific then a default route, if that is what your using. So you should not have a routing issue. With that said I have not seen your configuration so I can not say with 100% certainty.

gminnis Tue, 04/17/2007 - 12:30
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Create a vlan for the switches. Assign the ports they are connected to, to that vlan. Then assighn the cat 500 management default vlan an ip address in that range.


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