RLDP enabled on WLC causes client drops?

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Mar 27th, 2007

The release notes for WLC code states, "Enabling RLDP may cause access points connected to the controller to lose connectivity with their

clients for up to 30 seconds." Does anyone have more information about this? I don't like the word "may" in there. I need to enable RLDP but I can't afford to have clients dropping. Is this something that will work differently in a new release?

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There's no may about it. If clients are on an AP that decides to go rogue-hunting they will be told to "get out of the pool" (de-authenticated) to facilitate their going elsewhere. The same applies to DCA - Dynamic Channel Allocation - part of Auto-RF. If you don't have AP density, clients that use fast roaming, or tolerant apps, you would be best served to turn these features off (or On-Damand).


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