Setting background image on phone Call Manager 5.0

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Mar 27th, 2007
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I know this has discussed many times but can someone please post DETAILED instructions on how to add background images to the Call Manager 5.0. Do you need a separate TFTP server? I can't seem to find the list.xml file and even if I could I have no idea what to do to edit it. Someone who has done this please help! Thank you in advance!

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murabi Mon, 04/02/2007 - 09:14
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The following example shows a List.xml file that defines two images. The required Image and URL attributes must be included for each image. The TFTP URI that is shown in the example is the only supported method for linking to full size and thumbnail images. HTTP URL support is not provided.

List.xml Example





The Cisco IP Phone firmware includes a default background image. This image is not defined in the List.xml file. The default image is always the first image that appears in the Background Images menu on the phone.

cristian.munoz Mon, 04/16/2007 - 12:39
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Hi, but how do to upload this file, for only change the background of 794X??

pepito1983 Thu, 04/26/2007 - 05:49
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OK, the docs are pretty clear but my masive problem is that when i want to upload the .png files i have to specify a directory as a parameter. How do i have to specify this parameter for 794x and 796x phones, like this Desktops/320x196x4 or like this TFTP:Desktops/320x196x4. I upload the images in both directories and i had restart the tftp service soooo many times that i am tired. Please some help.

Thanks in advanced

Rob Huffman Thu, 04/26/2007 - 06:11
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pepito1983 Thu, 04/26/2007 - 06:21
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OK Rob, thanks for your reply. I will check my configuration and i'll let you know.

pcohen1127 Thu, 04/26/2007 - 07:25
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The answer to this question is simple - why Cisco does not put this in the documentation is beyond me though. All you have to do is use a flash drive and put the picture files on the drive. Then use another PC on the network to go into the GUI. When you upload the files make sure to put them in the proper directory. ie. Desktops/320x196x4/picname.png

What they fail to tell you is that you will never see that directory and they don't tell you how to create it. If you look at Call Manager you will see that the directory is not there. When you upload the file to that directory it will create the directory and upload the file to it. You also need to create the filelist.xml file with the path and name of the picture files in that directory. Place the XML file in the same directory and also in the root directory - we are not sure which one call manager is looking at but at least we know it works.

My office is in the process of moving right now so as soon as we are back up and running I am going to put together a tutorial on exactly how to do this complete with screenshots and full directions. I will also include a picture of what the background looks like on my phone. Just be patient and let me get my office back up and running and I will work on this project.

Thank you to everyone who responded to this message!

pepito1983 Thu, 04/26/2007 - 08:01
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Certainly i will expect for your feedback, thanks a lot.


pepito1983 Fri, 04/27/2007 - 07:15
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Ok that is simple, i had only put the List.xml (create as new) in the directory where i put the images (Desktops/320x196x4/). Then i restarted the tftp service from the callmanager and its magic, the background appeared on the 7941.

Thanks to all for your time.


pcohen1127 Sat, 04/28/2007 - 09:45
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Isn't it nice when things work the way you want them to? We loved it when our company logo appeared in the list to choose a background from - they we went with the usual x-rated pictures (as a test). LOL!

jamjam200 Fri, 05/04/2007 - 05:33
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Have you had a chance to create the tutorial yet?

Thanks in advance

pcohen1127 Fri, 05/04/2007 - 05:43
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I told you we are in the middle of a move. As soon as we are done getting the office ready and get the cisco equipment set up again I will prepare the tutorial. I am sure there are alot of people who are looking for this info.

Abdulbaseer Mohammed Sun, 01/13/2008 - 01:29
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so did you get the move complete?

is the tutorial available you can share?


MARTIN STREULE Mon, 06/04/2007 - 01:33
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Ran into the same problem - the doc is really, really bad on this and finally I did some reseach and tried better :-)

This is a short description how to do that (or better: how it worked for me).

"How to create a background image for 7941/7961 with CCM 5.x"

Farther below are the coordinates for 7970/7971.

- Create a file "List.xml" (this one is not yet on a freshly installed CCM) with the following format:



(up to 50 entries in this file)

Tip: save this file, it will be overwritten by SW upgrades...

- Create backgroung image files

"tn-xxxx.png" is the thumbnail image - must be 80 pixels (width) X 49 pixels (height).

"xxxx.png" is the "real" pic, must be 320 pixels (width) X 196 pixels (height).

You can create this files using the freeware tool ImRe.exe:

- Upload the file "List.xml" to the tftp folder, directory "Desktops/320x196x4"

- Upload the files tn-xxxx.png and xxxx.png to the folder "Desktops/320x196x4".

- Restart tftp service

- restart phone

- enjoy


Full size image - 320 pixels (width) X 196 pixels (height).

Thumbnail image - 80 pixels (width) X 49 pixels (height).

Directory "Desktops/320x196x4"

(You can sniff on the network to see what directory a certain phonetype is looking for).


Full size image - 320 pixels (width) X 212 pixels (height).

Thumbnail image - 80 pixels (width) X 53 pixels (height).

Directory "Desktops/320x212x12"

If the background image menu just does not want to show up, it's a good idea to browse to the phone's web site and check the "Console Log" for failures (xml parsing, ...)


Alejandro Corte... Tue, 09/01/2009 - 14:05
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can you provide the cisco guide? How do you upload the file?


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