Amit Singh Wed, 03/28/2007 - 05:24
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they are almost same. HSRP is Cisco proprietry while the VRRP is standard's based.

The major difference that we have is HSRP supports interface tracking while VRRP doesnot support interface tracking.

Another difference is that, in VRRP the standby speaker doesn't send out hellos, while they do in HSRP.

VRRP is supported on Cisco routers starting 12.3/12.4 train

HTH,Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

owaisberg Wed, 03/28/2007 - 07:27
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In fact VRRP on 12.4 does support interface

tracking through object tracking, so it makes

it even closer to HSRP now.



ardenchen Wed, 03/28/2007 - 13:14
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glbp is load sharing while hsrp and vrrp are not.


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