Configuring a switch port to be a member of more than one Vlan

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owaisberg Thu, 03/29/2007 - 22:31
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You cannot, port can accept membership for

one VLAN only.



ankbhasi Thu, 03/29/2007 - 23:01
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Hi Raju,

Long time back in some old switch there was a feature for multivlan support on siggle interface which is been removed now and in all current model one switchpotr can only be a member of one data vlan.

Though you can have voice vlan and one access vlan configured on single port.

I understand you do not want a trunk port but just to share if you configure trunk also you can allow only these 2 vlans to pass through that trunk.



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Actually to answer your question, we should understand the reuqirement-

1) If you need multiple VLANs to be assign to the port as single point of time then it is not supported and not expected also. Only way is to have multiple VLAN on a port is - you create a trunk port but in that case your machine (NIC card ) should support trunking feature.

But if you are looking something like port need to be in different VLAN at different point of time then Yes you have option of dynamic VLAN, which assigne port to a particular VLAN depending on MAC address.

Lastly you can have two VLANs on a port possible -- that is Voice VLAN and other DATA VLAN.




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