Unity 4.0 User Domain relocation

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Mar 30th, 2007

I am trying to relocate a group of users within the exchange enterprise to another domain and another unity server in that different domain. I placed a test user in that different domain but now I cannot find the exchange user when I go to add him to the new Unity server via SA. The user is def visible in the AD users/computers.

I have this problem too.
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Brandon Buffin Fri, 03/30/2007 - 11:59

Was this user ever a subscriber on another server? You can use the Remove Subscriber Properties tool located in \commserver\utilites to remove any previous properties. Was the Permissions Wizard ran against the domain/OU that this user is in?


cjmanacapelli Fri, 03/30/2007 - 12:45

I looked in the Remove Subscribers Properties tool. the user in question is not listed as a bunny icon and when I go to rmv the sub props, it says that there arent any properties to remove.

jsailers Fri, 03/30/2007 - 15:48

This might be a dumb question, but when you are importing the new user, are you choosing the correct domain in the domain dropdown list?

cjmanacapelli Mon, 04/02/2007 - 05:57

Not a dumb question!

Here is the scenario:

There are 3 Unity servers in the same forest. NYC, CHI and SFO.

NYC and CHI have subscribers both in domains-1, 2.

A year or so ago we had the same issue where the migrated users from dom-1 ---> dom-2 were not visible.

-This was before my time at this co and there is no documentation on that resolution.

I have used the RmvSub Props in Unity tools and the user is already shown as clean and eligible for subscription -no props to remove.

I can also see the target user in AD/Users computers in all 3 servers. The target is shown as being in the new domain.

This is the 1st (test) user to migrate from Domain-1 in SFO to domain-2 in SFO.

cjmanacapelli Mon, 04/02/2007 - 09:54

There was a 'licensing issue' with the template in the subscriber mgr tool. I created a new sub template and a new COS template, and all of a sudden, I could then import the exch user AND do it successfully using the default template???. Weird. I have never seen an error quite like that. Thanks for all your assistance.


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