Static charge release on Cisco Equipments ...

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Apr 2nd, 2007
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[1] I would like to check if there is anyway to check if there is static charge release on equipment ? ie) Anyway to measure this change ...

[2] What is the best way to handle Cisco equipment to deal with the static charge thingy ?

Pls advice,

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Electrostatic discharge (ESD) results from the buildup of static electricity on the human body and certain other objects. This static electricity is often produced by simple movements such as walking across a carpet. ESD is a discharge of a static electrical charge that occurs when a person whose body contains such a charge touches a component in the system. This static discharge can cause components, especially chips, to fail. ESD is a problem particularly in dry environments where the relative humidity is below 50 percent.

To reduce the effects of ESD, you should observe the following guidelines:

Wear a grounding wrist strap. If a grounding wrist strap is unavailable, touch an unpainted metal surface on the chassis periodically to neutralize any static charge.

Keep components in their antistatic packaging until they are installed.

Avoid wearing clothing made of wool or synthetic materials.


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