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desai.jaideep Tue, 04/03/2007 - 23:28


Etherchannel is a switching technology. What port-adapters are you using in your router.Is there any switching module in that?

Is it possible to have your network diagram?

In routers case HSRP is implemented.




I wanted to use Eherchannel on my core, however it was for different Scenario and I've SM in 7200.

My scenario is ;


My R1 CE=========MPLS Cloud


Scenario is, 2 links are coming from MPLS clod to CE router and then both links are terminating on my site router R1.

I need , Automatic failover.IF suppose A links fails then the traffice should switch to Link B automatically.I am using Static routes.

If i configure Static routes pointing towards CE IP then how would my Ethernet will come to know that the MPLS serial is down?

I do not want to add ant switch in that scenario, no point of failuer.


desai.jaideep Wed, 04/04/2007 - 20:58


I have following queries:

(1)How is the link from the CE router comming to R1.

(2)Is the CE router mangaed by you or ur telco.

(3)Where do other endpoints of ur MPLS go?

(4)Is the link between R1-CE and CE-remote a L2 or L3 link?

Pls revert back.



desai.jaideep Thu, 04/05/2007 - 22:40


The picture is more clearer now.For configuring etherchannel you need to do config in both the routers.No doubt it will work. But the problem you will face will be at Telco end. If they have dedicated the router to you, then definately you can go for etherchannel. But if they are serving this router to other clients,then you may face problem.

In either case you need to talk with your telco to allow you to do the config.

Hope everything may work well for you.




I shall speak to service provider.

Can you tell me if i configure with MHSRP?




I've natting overall network on CE router, so where should i configure it...I am configuring on F/w(Natting).

Can I configure PBR on CE router or at my end router..that is also a solutioin with me , if i configure CE router with Back to back Ethernet Connectivity with my site router.

and I'll keep all the interfaces in one Vlan group?

:)I've to give as possible as solutions to a customer.




desai.jaideep Fri, 04/06/2007 - 21:47


For that I need to have a diagram of your network.Make that in visio or paint, whatever you prefer. Pls make sure that the following are there and marked.

(1)Equipment make.

(2)Type of connection.

(3)IP address currently/proposed to be used.(can be private, but make sure that if they are from different subnets, then you give different subnets.

(4)If its a running setup, then the config on both the routers.

Till now what I have understood from your network is you are having 2 routers R1 and CE connected through two ethernet links.

But, If they are both Cisco devices, then you will not be able to give same IP address pool on both ethernet ports.Hence, you can configure etherchannel on both the routers and give a single IP on it.This will do the load-sharing as well as failover if either one of the links fail.

I dont think HSRP will work in this case.

Though EIGRP/OSPF can do the trick for you, but in that case, you need to give different subnets on both the ethernet links.

Same will be with PBR.You will have to enable routing.



devang_etcom Fri, 04/06/2007 - 12:12

so which is CE router... i mean router model?

can you configure the CE router...?

and what is the connectivity between R1 and CE... its ethernet right!!!?

and what is connectivity between CE and MPLS Cloud...?

is it like this:::

R1--- CE--LinkA-- MPLS




Connectivity is like;


2 links (Ethernet) from CE1 and CE2 are terminationg on my Router R1.

CE to MPLS connectivity is Serial.

I've F/w after my router R1 and then My Core connectivity(Ethernet LAN).

I found that I can configure using MHSRP with 2 groups on CE1 (Primary) and CE2 (standby).

2 routers on R1 will point towards HSRP IP.

I am using Natting also, "I think tht can be done on F/w (it is with client IP for overall network).



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