can 2800 pass RAS service to AS5300 design question?

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It is a design question.

Customer right now has AS5300 with T1 over PSTN for RAS service. Now the customer will implement IP Telephony system using Cisco 2851 as voice gateway.

Cisco 2851 voice gateway has Three T1s, two T1s to PSTN, one T1 as lineside to connect to AS5300 T1 interface, and the other 2851 two T1/PRI as the Voice PSTN calls, inbound RAS calls.

My question:

(1) Can 2851 vgw switching the inbound RAS traffic to the T1 connected to AS5300, and AS5300 provide RAS service? If yes, How 2851 passes the traffic to the T1 to AS5300?

(2) If (1) works, and customer has another voice gateway Cisco 2821 (3 T1/PRIs as well for redundancy for 2851),Two T1s for PSTN access, the other T1 connected to AS5300 another T1. For the AS/5300 supporting RAS only, could we have 1 PRI into VGW1 and 1 PRI in VGW2 and still have full functionality?


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