about cache issue when using push2phone and callerino

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Apr 6th, 2007
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I have made push2phone and callerino functions working well,but the issue is when we push messages to the phone,the phoen always displayed the message sent last time firstly then the message this time was displayed,seems there was cache issue,so does the callerinfo function.I have no idea about where the cache issue occurs,also how can I let the message be displayed as "tab" method on the phone? Please help !Thanks in advance.

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stephan.steiner Tue, 04/10/2007 - 04:26
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Are you sure you described that right?

If I push "A", then "B" to the phone, "B" will be placed on top of "A".. and if you press exit, "A" will show again. I cannot imagine that upon sending "B", "A" would be displayed instead, and if you press exit, "B" would be displayed.

What you'll probably need to do is clear the message you're pushing by e.g. pushing a Key:Services to the phone once the info isn't needed anymore (the new phones can all keep multiple pushed pages on each other.. so when you push, then the callee answers the call, the page is still there, it is just placed in the background).

And what is the "tab" method? aren't you mixing up Cisco with Alcatel phones? The latter ones have multiple tabs.. Cisco phones don't.

cook.bull Tue, 04/10/2007 - 19:13
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Hi, I'm new to this, I think I have similar problems. I can push message to Cisco phones(7970) using CiscoIPPhoneImageFile Element. And it works well as you said that if I push "A", then "B" to the phone, "B" will be placed on top of "A", and if I press exit, "A" will show again.

My problem is that if I push "A" to the phone, then press exit, "A" disappears, then if I push "B" to the phone, strange things happen, before "B" shows on the phone, there's a quit short time that "A" appears on the phone with the tip "Requesting..." and a "Cancel" button at the bottom, then "B" appears instead of "A", if I press "Exit" button that attached to "B", both "A" and "B" disppear. I think the tip "Requesting..." means the phone is now downloading the picture of "B", but I have no idea why "A" has to be shown during this time. How can I get rid of that?

I think you're right that the phones can all keep multiple pushed pages on each other. Is that possible that I can do something to prevent the phones from keeping those pages? So that the annoying "A" won't appear when I push "B".

I've thought about pushing a Key:Services to the phone to clear the message. But my application is just for sending short messages to the phones. I think pushing a Key:Services will erase all the messages when I send several messages to a phone, what if there are unread message?

I hope my problem is clear, thank you very much in advance.

stephan.steiner Tue, 04/10/2007 - 23:32
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Hmm.. this is very weird. I push caller info as images to phones (because they can contain a picture of the caller), and I've never had the wrong caller shown on the screen. Are you sure exit is pressed in every instance or that your CiscoIpPhoneImageFile XML for A and B isn't just the same (or you're always sending the base xml for A and only change the image link)?

Requesting does indeed mean the picture is loading as the load mechanism for a CiscoIPPhoneImageFile is two phased.. first the xml is loaded (and unfortunately displayed as well.. we need to ask Cisco to delay the display until the image has been loaded), then the image is loaded.

If you read the IP phone services documentation, it mentions something about caching and page expiration.. I guess that's one thing to check out - I'm using Tomcat for all XML apps and have yet to run into any weird behavior (except for the exit vs cancel voodoo but that's just magic no matter which webserver you use).

cook.bull Mon, 05/07/2007 - 22:56
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Sorry to bother you again, I found I was wrong in describing my problem. I found out that I sent the CiscoIPhoneExecute xml to the phone last time, not the CiscoIPhoneImageFile xml.

The CiscoIPPhoneExecute xml is like:"/>

And "" returns the CiscoIPPhoneImageFile xml, like this:

Image Title goes here

Prompt text goes here



so when I send the CiscoIPPhoneExecute xml to a phone, the phone will display the file attention.png on the screen with the sound chime.raw, then I press the "exit" button, the attention.png on the screen disappears. But if I then send the CiscoIPPhoneExecute xml with the "" that returns the CiscoIPPhoneImageFile that contains a different png file, for example "warning.png", the "attention.png" will appear for a short time during the time when "warning.png" is downloading, then "warning.png" appears. I have no idea why that happens. I don't want to see "attention.png" when I'm sending "warning.png". What can I do?

I've tried to directly sent the CiscoIPPhoneImageFile xml to a phone, everything goes well, no "cache" problems. but I have no idea how to add the sound "chime.raw". I want the png files to be sent like short messages with sounds. Please help!

Thanks a lot.


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