WLAN Controller 4402 - Port HA Fails

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Apr 6th, 2007
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We have a WLAN Controller 4402, with firmware version The ports are connected to 2 separate switches. 'ap-manager' is on port 1, and 'ap-manager 2' is on port 2. The wireless network is running fine when both ports are connected. However, when I disconnect port 1, the client be disassociated, then re-associated, but unable to grab DHCP IP address. I have also assigned a static IP address on the client, but is unable to ping anywhere, not even the gateway. From what I understand, the ports should be able to backup each other in case of failure, but the HA does not seem to work. What could be wrong?

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d-berlinski Fri, 04/06/2007 - 08:48
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I have my 2 ports set up as LAG (Cisco recomendation) but from what I can remember, both ports should be set for trunking and the native vlan should be the vlan of the ap-manager and management interface. By doing this, it allows user and management vlans.

m.casamayor Sun, 04/08/2007 - 02:04
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Currently, I have the 2 ports setup (temporarily) as LAG as well. It works fine on this setup. But I found from another Cisco documentation that this configuration is not recommended if the controller's neighbor are 2 separate switches. Any pros and cons if I keep the setup as LAG?

sarenner Sun, 04/08/2007 - 12:33
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If you are running HSRP for the default gateway, you could be experiencing bug CSCsh85278. To confirm that this is the problem, use the real address of one the routers instead of the HSRP address as the default gateway on the ap-manager interface. If this fixes the problem then you are seeing this bug.

As someone else posted here, the recommended way to do HA is to use LAG and a single ap-manager interface with each port on the WLC connected to a differnet switch. If one of the ports goes down, you will automatically fail-over to the other port and your clients will not disassociate and then re-associate.


nitass Thu, 04/19/2007 - 01:08
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Dear all,

I have some questions about LAG with HSRP.

My controller is 4402 with firmware 4.217.

The 2 switches config trunk port and native vlan is vlan of ap-manager and management.

I can use LAG with HSRP,or not?

If I can, This controller can support APs up to 50 APs.

Thank you,


danedevalcourt Thu, 05/31/2007 - 12:14
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Let me make sure I understand something about this bug your referring to. In order to see if this might be affecting us I would want to change my controllers ap-manager interface gateway address from that of the hsrp address, to one of the actual ip addresses setup on the router right?

I think this might be the problem with my rollout. Seems like ever so often everyone looses their wireless connection. you can be working one minute perfect signal and everything, then without moving or anything boom your disconnected. Just recently converted every AP to WCS/WLC and then this started happening.

My concern is that I have two VLANs setup for my wireless with HSRP. One VLAN for all my AP's and ap-manager interface and such. One VLAN for wireless clients.

Both VLANs setup on the core 6509's with the standby IP as the default gateway.

Wondering if the problem is only related to the vlan for ap-manager interface? Are maybe I need to do the same for the wireless lan interface for the clients?


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