Who do the transfer for the agent when the call in the queue

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Apr 8th, 2007

Hi List;

After the call queued in the IP IVR, and the Agent become available. Who does the transfer for that Agent when the ICM instruct the IP IVR via the SCI to do the transfer?

Is the IP IVR or the CallManager?

If the CallManager does this transfer to the agent that become available recently, that means a label should be returned to the CallManager from the route script at the ICM, any one can advise how this process happen?

And in that case, the label returned to the CallManager or to the IP IVR which return it to the CallManager?



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lpezj Sun, 04/08/2007 - 23:11


The transfer is made by the CTI Port in which the call has been queued in the IP/IVR.

Depends on the IPCC deployment that you have choosed for CallManager and IP/IVR Perpheral Gateway, you will to set up a label for each Peripheral in your Device Targets, For example, if you have a Device Target for the extension 1000, you will need to add a label 1000 for the IP/IVR Peripheral and another label 1000 for the CallManager Peripheral.

If you are using IPCC System PG for the deployment you don't need to add labels to the Peripheral Target.

If you are deploying the Outbound Option, you will need to add label 1000 for the Outbound Peripheral too.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

bilalghayad Mon, 04/09/2007 - 01:09

Dear Juan;

Many thanks for your kindly support.

While the call in the IP IVR queue, still the H323 signaling are passing through CallManager, and as I know that CallManager has the capability to do call transfer using the H323 libraries (referring to H323 protocol). But, if we will assume that IP IVR will do the transfer of the call at the CTI port associated with that call, then what the tool will be used to do this transfer? Is it via H323 or via something else? What this? Even if we assumed that IP IVR will do the call transfer (from the associated CTI port to the target device), u do not think that the IP IVR should request from the CallManager to do this transfer (using the H.323 facilities)?

Another two issues:

1) What is the difference between IPCC System PG that will let me no need to add label for the peripheral target, and the IP/IVR & CallManager Peripheral Gateway that will need to add labels for the peripheral targets?

2) Always scripts who return labels? Or labels can be given for originator without script?

Again thanks for your kindly help.


Bilal Ghayad

lpezj Mon, 04/09/2007 - 01:38


The IP/IVR is integrated with CallManager through JTAPI. IP/IVR monitors CTI Route Points and CTI Ports through JTAPI. Those CTI resources belongs to CallManager, so,a s you say, the transfers are made by CallManager, but they are directed by IP/IVR that it uses JTAPI to say CallManager that transfer the call in the CTI Port to a new destination (the label returned by ICM script).

1) IPCC System PG integrates CallManager PIM and IP/IVR PIMs in an only Peripheral. With this approach you don?t need to set up Translation Routes, labels and other elements.

2) Yes, always ICM scripts are the responsible to return labels.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

bilalghayad Mon, 04/09/2007 - 01:49

Dear Juan;

So IPCC System PG need CallManager PIM and IP/IVR PIM? Please advise.

In that case, how it works without label?



lpezj Mon, 04/09/2007 - 02:07


System PG uses only one PIM to cimmunicate with CallManager and IP/IVR.

Take a look to:


See the section 'How to configure and Install the System PG'. This guide has a very good descriptions and explanations for all the components neeeded for an IPCC Deployment.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis


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