Use line for incomming calls only (solved)

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Apr 10th, 2007


I'm getting lost in all the examples and other documentation and i have to solve this real quick.

I have a 2801 with 4 ISDN lined 3 are in a group (number ) and one ISDN 2 line has seperate numbers.

What now happens is that when people dial out, sometimes the 4the (seperate isdn 2 line ) is used which displays the separete numbers.

What i actualy whould like to do is use this ISDN line for incomming traffic only. As these call id's from this line only causes confusion at the other end of the line.

How can i simply use this line for incomming calls only ?

Right now i had to shut the whole ISDN interface with the seperate ISDN 2 line to prevent this from happening but now i stopped all traffic(in en outgoing ). Which is not prefferable, i still need incomming on this line.

I hope someone can help out.



Sometimes the solution is that obvious it got overlooked.

I was looking on the BRI 0/1/1 interface completely overlooking the dial-peer voice part of the configuration.

I deleted the dial-peer voice entry with port 0/1/1 in it.

Which disables this port being used for outgoing calls.

Sorry for bothering this forum.

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