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Apr 10th, 2007

I've got some monitoring software that can read-out mibs but I've an extremely hard time finding any useful mib information to read-out, except for the CPU/memory/fan/temp inforamtion.

I've got switches with QOS and routers with voice connections.

I have this problem too.
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David Stanford Tue, 04/10/2007 - 07:19

For QoS, depending on your platform/IOS you can have a look at:




For voice:


And here are some examples for voice calls:


To get just the count of VoIP active calls the simplest way is to count

the number of entries that you get in the object cvVoIPCallActiveTable.

Sometimes this may not be accurate so it is good to verify that for each

entry in cvVoIPCallActiveTable, there is an entry in callActiveTable. If

not, drop those ones from the count.

To further refine this to distinguish between calls that are in

connecting, connected or active state you can use the

callActiveCallState in callActiveTable.

The oid used above are as follows :



DIAL-CONTROL-MIB: "callActiveTable"


DIAL-CONTROL-MIB: "callActiveCallState"


Also for Historical data, the following looks promising :




To get something similar to the information of the command "sh call

voice active brief" you could do something like what I have below: (have

provided the MIB info next to it, for easier understanding)

H323 leg

pid: pid:200

callActivePeerId.291909790.1 = INTEGER: 200


callActiveCallOrigin.291909790.1 = INTEGER: answer(2)


callActivePeerAddress.291909790.1 = STRING: 205


callActiveCallState.291909790.1 = INTEGER: active(4)

tx:/ tx:85515/13681843

callActiveTransmitPackets.291909790.1 = Gauge32: 85692

callActiveTransmitBytes.291909790.1 = Gauge32: 13710323

rx:/ rx:85441/13670560

callActiveReceivePackets.291909790.1 = Gauge32: 85621

callActiveReceiveBytes.291909790.1 = Gauge32: 13699680

For the Telephony leg


callActivePeerId.291909815.1 = INTEGER: 1


callActiveCallOrigin.291909815.1 = INTEGER: originate(1)


callActivePeerAddress.291909815.1 = STRING: 93928027


callActiveCallState.291909815.1 = INTEGER: active(4)

tx:/ tx:85442/13670720

callActiveTransmitPackets.291909815.1 = Gauge32: 85619

callActiveTransmitBytes.291909815.1 = Gauge32: 13699360

rx:/ rx:85515/13681843

callActiveReceivePackets.291909815.1 = Gauge32: 85695

callActiveReceiveBytes.291909815.1 = Gauge32: 13710963


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