Functional Image Update 15540 CPU ?

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I have 4 spare cpu cards with 1.25 version if the functional image, and I am trying to update them to 1.27. I have a spare shelf, that I powered up. I would to do this in the office, as opposed to in the field, after the cpu is installed on the active ring. The spare shelf is powered up , with just a cpu in slot 6. I am trying to do this using my laptop , with the functional image stored on the c drive, at the root directory C:\ . And transferring the file from that location on the hard drive, through the serial port / console cable, to the bootflash, on the cpu card. I have gotten to a point were I thought it was going to work, but I am getting an ?INVALID FILE NAME? error ? Do you have any suggestions ?

This a copy of what I am doing, and the responses I am getting.

Switch#copy ftp://@C:/fi-ons15540-ph0cpu.A.1-27.exo: bootflash

Destination filename [fi-ons15540-ph0cpu.A.1-27.exo:]?

Accessing ftp://C:/fi-ons15540-ph0cpu.A.1-27.exo:...

%Error opening ftp://C:/fi-ons15540-ph0cpu.A.1-27.exo: (Invalid file name)



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