idle url GIF file Image and XML file required.* for 7970

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Apr 12th, 2007

Can anyone supply me a working xml and gif file for the Cisco 7970 colour phone?

Has anyone actually got this working?


I have this problem too.
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Gergely Szabo Thu, 04/12/2007 - 02:43

As far as I know, PNG file format is supported with 7970...

What would you like to do? A nice Idle Screen perhaps?

muarrij Thu, 04/12/2007 - 03:05

Yes an idle screen is what is required. I have been told that you need to drop the xml and .gif files in the CCMCIP directory on publisher to work. We have tried this but to no avail.

Gergely Szabo Thu, 04/12/2007 - 03:18

What you need is

1. a PNG file

2. an XML file

Now the details:

RE 1: PNG file

298 x 168, 12 bits depth

must be accessible using http

RE 2: an xml file should look like this:

Image Title goes here

Prompt text goes here

Horizontal position of graphic

Vertical position of graphic

Points to the PNG image

muarrij Thu, 04/12/2007 - 03:45

We have tried your recommendation but this doesnt seem to have worked.

Have you managed to get IDLE URL working on a 7970 phone?

Gergely Szabo Thu, 04/12/2007 - 07:13

Yes, actually.

Could you please go more into depth, what does not seem to work? Any error message, perhaps?

muarrij Thu, 04/12/2007 - 07:50


We changed the resolution down to 125x61 for in the XML, took out the png and gif files from the directory and the idle URL is working.

Which is interesting actually, because how are you making it work with the above configuration??

I presume you are using this config then pointing the idle in CCM to the CCMCIP directory xml?

The resolution at 125x60 is terrible.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Gergely Szabo Thu, 04/12/2007 - 09:29

First, get the terms right.

Idle screen is idle screen. Does not need to have anything to do with CCMCIP directory.

You can set the phone "Device" to ANY server which is running a HTTP server and is able to send headers. Apache. IIS. You name it.

What you have to do is to

- make a PNG file accessible using HTTP. Say, it will be http://someniceserver/ipphonestuff/neatpic.png

- create an XML file with the description I already provided and change the URL to http://someniceserver/ipphonestuff/neatpic.png



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