WAFS is not working as it should...

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Hi there,

I am having a simple WAAS deployment with central site and remote site connected via 2mb LL. For redirection I'm using wccp on a separate VLAN on LL routers.

I can see plenty of statistics regarding optimization of various kind of traffic, eg. SQL, Printing, WAFS etc. wccp works for sure, eg. if I try to disable it, it would break RDP sessions.

I have prepositioned a huge folder from our central site successfully. When I am trying to copy 10meg file which is on the remote server, it tooks about 2-3 minutes even if I try to repeat this task. The file has been prepositioned for sure...

What might be wrong?


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What version of WAAS are you running? What type of server are you running the preposition from?

When you look at the remote server CIFS connections do you see your user in the connected user list? What ip address is the connection using? it should be the ip address of the core wafs device setup under the file services section.

Thanks for your input.

We are running ver. 4.0.7, a standard w2003 server and xp workstations.

I can see plenty of cifs connections, the source IP is in the remote site, but the destination is the actual server in central site, not the core wafs device.

Where exactly is the core wafs device setup in the services section?

Sounds like you don't have your file services setup correctly.

They should be under the heading

Services - File

If you are not running the enterprise license you will not get the cifs acceleration piece (WAFS). Without wafs you would get the behavior you are mentioning above with cifs connections being seen being sourced from the remote ip address instead of the core wae ip. You still get acceleration just not the cifs protocol optimizations where the cifs connection is terminated locally on the local wae instead of the remote server.

Checkout the Configuring WAFS and File Services sections in the WAAS 4.0.7 configuration guide.

Here is the link


Specific WAFS Section





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