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Do you feel in this day and age of information explosion it is important to know what is in the mind of the person who writes the certification question to answer the question correctly? That being said, it seems to me people need to understand concepts and processes to reach a end goal not what is the right answer for this test,not the real world, just this test. I'm not saying it's every question but it is enought to take notice. If you have a cisco certification and do not agree those rose colored glasses look good on you. Each question should stand on it's own without the need for followup information or a WTF factor.

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davidbec Thu, 04/12/2007 - 18:22

I would be honest and say that there are some questions in exams I've done that completely baffle me.

This happens especially when there are two perfectly good answers to a question and Cisco would ask for one to be selected.

I think that the people that write the questions are extremely knowledgeable about the product being tested and as a result they ask questions that require the test taker to really, really know the stuff inside-out in order to select the correct answer.

I agree but at that point it makes the questions unreasonable. I would be willing to bet that 90% or more of the CCIE's would have trouble with a handful of questions on the CCNA test because of such questions or just irrelevant questions. The only people that talk that way are people who write test questions and cisco lab geeks that never leave the lab.


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