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Apr 12th, 2007
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I am running ASA5520 with Outside, Inside, Client and Branch interfaces.

The inside interface connects to the Server farm network ( only.

The client interface connects all the clients on the LAN network ( to the branches (through Branch interface) and server farm with each otehr.. all these 3 interfaces ar on same security level (100).

The branch interface connets to a Border router 3825 that has all the remote brnaches on DSl and point-to-point links connecting to it.

All branches have SOHO routers 837 and connects through DSl (Data circuit) to the 3825 router at the Head office, through a VPN tunnel. the VPN config at the head office 3825 is dynamic crypto map and the branche have static with head office ip as the peer.

The problem that i am facing is .. the vpn tunnel is initiated only when a packet destined to the inside or client network is sent...

eg when a ping for network is run only then it allows the branches to access the server farm network.

Now to connect to the client network ( i have to ping again to any host on from the branch..

my question.. since there is only one VPN tunnel from branch to head office. then why do i need to ping from the branch to and both seperately ?? i dont really havea problem for the network cause everyne at the branch connects to the servers for e mail internet etc.. but is a problem...

Cant there be a way to auto initiate the connection to network ..... riht now i have a script running at startup on the branches that pings ip to initiate the tunnel..

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a.shaukat Sat, 04/14/2007 - 00:01
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theres only one vpn tunnel being initiated..

through that tunnel one subnet( is successfully connected while the other subnet ( cannot.

y ?? cause since the branch location ( did not send any packet to network.. the second this branch send the first ping packet to any machine on subnet the link is established..

but this is a problem for me since i want this link to be established if anyone on the subnet pings to subnet..

can this be done.. ?


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