ASA 5520Telnet issue

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Apr 12th, 2007
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I have a problem where i cant telnet to one of our ASA firewalls anymore. I can ASDM to the box and see the logs when i try to telnet to the appliance and i get the following message:

TCP connection limit exceeded from 10.XX.X.XXX/3172 to sopdc:10.XX.XX.XX/telnet

when i do a show processes i can see 5 telnet sessions:

Mwe 006ceea8 03e0f908 0321a78c 17940 03e07f70 28332/32768 accept/http

Mwe 006cd9c9 03f8f578 00db49c8 0 03f879a0 29148/32768 accept/http

Mwe 006cd9c9 03b7bd40 00db49c8 0 03b74168 28716/32768 accept/http

Mwe 008b414c 03082b60 00e3c2c8 0 03080c08 7828/8192 qos_metric_daemon

M* 006ab9f5 0009feec 00db4a78 0 04015fe0 25228/32768 accept/http

Msi 009a0a60 03f7e070 00db49c8 0 03f7afb8 10812/16384 telnet/ci

Msi 009a0a60 03f62f70 00db49c8 0 03f5feb8 10812/16384 telnet/ci

Msi 009a0a60 03f79660 00db49c8 0 03f765a8 10812/16384 telnet/ci

Msi 009a0a60 03f828a0 00db49c8 0 03f7f7e8 10812/16384 telnet/ci

Msi 009a0a60 03b18950 00db49c8 0 03b15898 10812/16384 telnet/ci

When i run who command it doesnt pickup any telnet sessions. Any ideas beside rebooting?

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