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Danilo Dy Sat, 04/14/2007 - 07:58
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Hi Ali,

1. First you need a Windows Platform. Setup XP Pro or Windows 2003 Server. This should be simple.

2. Then follow the instruction from MRTG website on how to setup MRTG as a service (preferably). This should also be simple as the instruction is step-by-step

3. Be creative with little html skill. If you have many devices to monitor and you want them presentable when you view them;

- Run IIS in the Windows Platform.

- Create an index page to view from IIS

- From the index page, create html panels (2 or 3)

- Your company logo should be in the top left panel and clickable which will return everything to home html.

- The device names should be shown in the bottom left panel.

- When you click the device, the left panel will change to the device objects (cpu and/or memory and/or interface)

- When you click the device object from the left panel, it should show the utilization in the right big panel

- If you want to go back to the original page (home), click your company logo :)

For item 3, I attached example. Image 1.jpg show the main page. I clicked RT1 and it shows RT1 objects in image 2.jpg. I clicked RT1 FastEthernet object and it shows the utilization in image 3.jpg. To go back to main page, I will just click the company logo which is supposed to be in top left hand corner but I erased it and other information for security :)

cameron.moody Sat, 04/14/2007 - 15:27
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The link works fine for me.

I have found though that clicking on links contained in the email version of the group often don't work because for some reason (maybe just me :P ) is because there is an & within the address.

If you click it from the web forum it works fine.

Danilo Dy Sat, 04/14/2007 - 20:35
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Hi Ali,

The MRTG link that I provided? It should open, I'm able to click and browse the link, beside it's a simple html link, no special characters.

Like what other posters says, there are other utilities that are more polish than MRTG. As for me I use Cricket (considered MRTG in steroids), MRTG, PRTG, CACTI, NAGIOS, RRDTOOL in multiple platforms (Windows, UNIX, and LINUX). But using other utilities you need to have some scripting skills and UNIX skills as majority of them doesn't run in Windows, and lots and lots of patience.

MRTG is still the simplest and lots of contributed documentations that are easy to follow compare to other utilities out there. I suggest for those new in network monitoring to use MRTG for a start to get a feel of it.

epoelke Sat, 04/14/2007 - 17:41
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Cacti is far more polished than MRTG, you may want to take a look at it.

There are also some pre-built VMs at VMware that have preconfigured cacti installs that are very easy to get up and running.

rwinward Sat, 04/14/2007 - 20:22
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another vote for cacti. i found cacti on ubuntu 6.06 (desktop) to be VERY easy to setup using synaptic package manager. not so easy on 6.10 though...

it was simple and fast when i followed the directions from the link below. you also don't have to be a *nix person in order to get this up and running. it's that easy.


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