Multicasting in R&S lab

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Apr 15th, 2007
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Hi guys,

I was wondering if anybody has any idea if topics like PGM, RGMP and MVR are present in the R&S lab? The lab blueprint is AWFUL, what does things like "multicast tools" mean??? I tested MRM, mtrace, mrinfo and mstat but is that enough? Maybe not, who knows...Not to mention things like "system management", "IP services" and "other security features" (special thanks for this one Cisco) which could be REALLY broad topics. With the same success they could leave topics simply to "routing, switching, multicasting, etc." with no further explanations. The SP lab blueprint is much better but still needs more details. From the things I've seen the Security lab blueprint is most detailed but I'm still about 18 months away from this.



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jgagznos Mon, 04/16/2007 - 15:11
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No one on this board can answer your question one way or another without breaking NDA. While the assessor lab does not guarantee anything in regards to content, it might give you an idea of what to expect on the lab.

Good Luck,


thegrave2000 Mon, 04/16/2007 - 22:19
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Guys, I'm not asking if someone had such topics on the lab (NDA is NDA after all, that's the worst place to ask such questions:) - on the contrary - I'm just asking people that are currently preparing for the lab if they consider such topics, nothing more.

swmorris Tue, 04/17/2007 - 12:46
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PGM was specifically removed from the blueprint a while back, and that had been answered in one of the Ask-the-Expert sessions as well.

As for RGMP, the question I would kick back to you is exactly what platforms RGMP is a feature of? Is that platform in the hardware blueprint of the lab exam?

The Multicast VLAN registration is possible on the 3560, so I wouldn't see why not as far as coverage. As many have said before, "it's all fair game"!



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thegrave2000 Tue, 04/17/2007 - 23:36
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Hi Scott,

Thank you for the information about PGM, I haven't seen the previous version of the blueprint, very useful.

As for RGMP - it's a feature of 3725 as it can be seen from the screenshot so my question was relevant after all:)

I agree with you that most (but in the exam scope) features of the 4 platforms can and should be tested on the R&S lab. That's why my plan is to inspect thoroughly their configuration guides as well as the configuration guides for the technologies related to R&S exam (command references are not necessary to be mentioned) because not all the features of the devices are present in their specific config guides. Guess that's gonna take some time but it's a useful preparation (not to say a prerequisite) for the real labs in my opinion.

By the way - has anyone seen a (free) RSVP-capable software for WinXP? Microsoft claims that it doesn't support RSVP on XP but I think it becomes available with SP2 (there is even a QoS RSVP service present, which, in my opinion, is doing nothing). When I remember losing about two days trying to force my XP to request via DHCP some IPv6 info before realizing that XP simply doesn't have a DHCPv6 client I feel some pain in the chest (thank's god there are some people writing such things for XP).





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