Tommer Catlin Mon, 04/16/2007 - 11:21
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The problem is not so much IPC, it's the compupter and bluetooth stack you are using. I have had flakey issues with bluetooth stacks in many different laptops. Plus, if you are using some cheapo bluetooth, and trying to pair it with different brand bluetooth dongle thingy, who knows what your results will get you.

I have heard it works fine, but I know with my vista machine, and my plantronics headset, I cant get good audio out of Skype even, so I cant imgagine it will be any better for IPC. (when it does finally run on vista!)

I would say just try it, worst case, you have to get a USB headset, one that plugs into the audio ports of the laptop. (which I use mostly)

It's an expirement that you have to try yourself. Headsets, bluetooth stacks, OS, drivers, all come into play when you are trying this. So the outcome can vary. Eventually you will find the right combo and it should be fine with IPC then.



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