Maximum number of route-patterns of CallManager cluster

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jbarcena Mon, 04/16/2007 - 11:47

It depends on the load that each server supports, and is not an information for only the Route Patterns, you need to sum all the devices:

Maximum Number of Devices per Server Platform:

- MCS-7845 --> 7500

- MCS-7835 --> 2500

- MCS-7825 --> 1000

- MCS-7815 -> 300

Device wights determine the maximum number of physical devices that can be registered to a

CallManager subscriber. Some IP Pone models support multiple lines (directory numbers or

line appearances). Many IPT deployments have directory numbers that are shared across

multiple IP Phones and a large number of dial plan entries that include route patterns;

translation patterns require an extra amout of resources (CPU,memory) on the CallManager.

Dial plan weights provide the limit on the number os fuch dial plan entries configures in

a CallManager subscriber. Dial plan weight calculations provice guidelines to size the

cluster .

Base Dial Plan Weights:

IP phone device (excluding lne appearances) --> 5

Unique line appearance --> 5

Shared line appearance --> 4

Route Pattern --> 2

Translation Pattern --> 1


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