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Danilo Dy Mon, 04/16/2007 - 19:52

Hi Ali,

I'm not sure if I understand the question, but here is some suggestions. Its case-to-case, here is a sample if its a network problem, you need to gather information about the problem so you can work on it.

1. Find out what is the problem or symptoms of the problem. For example;

- Slow

- Intermittently slow or lost of connection

- Lost of connection

2. When thus the problem happen. For example;

- Date and time it happens and for how long

3. Is the problem currently occuring. For example

- Thus it currently occuring when the user makes a call

4. Provide data for NOC to work. For example;

- Source IP Address

- Destination IP Address

- Traceroute from source to destination

- Ping from source to destination

- Contact number and/or email address of the person who report the problem

5. Provide what service the user is accessing. For example;

- Internet

- Shared directory

- Wireless

- Printer

- etc...

NOTE: Its common for users to call network support if they cannot access anything. Sometimes the problem is not network. For example, the user is trying to access a shared folder in a file server but the server is down, the user will call NOC, upon investigating, NOC found out that the server is down. NOC can forward the case to the server support group cc the user email so that you have a proper handover of the case to the group responsible for the service.


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