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Apr 18th, 2007

guys a v basic question it might be stupid but i m not getting it into my brains.....suppose if we have to sites in two cities both are connecte dvia FR or ATM or dedicated link........and we have multiple vlans on both sides (same vlans) so can these vlans talk to each other over the wan????

I have this problem too.
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Paolo Bevilacqua Wed, 04/18/2007 - 04:06

Routing would be the best solution if this is your own network. You terminate the VLAn at the router, check/remark QoS if necessary, send over the backbone. At the receiving site the router will forward over the appropriate VLAN again.

Else, the router can be configured to carry VLAn tagging transparently from site to site. There are multiple solutions to do that depending on the infrastructure, eg ethernet over mpls, dot1q-in-1q for metro networks, etc.

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Anand S Wed, 04/18/2007 - 05:11

Hi Guroo,

juz route from Router-A to Router-B, note if the vlanz has been configured on L3 switch & inter-vlan routing is enabled, juz add a default gateway on L3 pointing to Router-A & vice-versa on Router-B too & it workz. hope this helps.

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stevanp Wed, 04/18/2007 - 06:26

L2TPv3 or AToM: EoMPLS. Keep in mind that either technology has restrictions with regards to the line interface cards that you are using.

At present, I am trying to get EoMPLS working with our telco vendor.


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