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Apr 18th, 2007

Unity 421, while subscribers enroll during the password change section the prompts change from UK English to UK English and then back to UK? Any ideas, cheers Jag.

I have this problem too.
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lindborg Fri, 04/20/2007 - 06:23

I'm going to need a little better explanation of what you're seeing to speculate - you say it changes from UK to UK and back to UK. I assume that's not actually what you meant to say... "US" in there perhaps?

askq2forum Mon, 04/23/2007 - 03:57

Jeff, yes sorry its a typo, it starts off in UK English and normally around about the enter your pin stage it changes to US English and then further down it reverts back to UK English. Noticed it mostly during subscriber enrollment. We would like it to be UK English throughout. Thanks for your time and patience..Jaginder.

Hi Jeff,

I am having the same issue as Jaginder. We are seeing that when users are using self-enrolment the following happens during the prompts being played back when asking to change the users password.

" You password has expired, you must reset your password, a password protects the privacy of your message. Your password must be at least three (now changes to US_ENG) digits long. Use the password that is easier to remember but hard for others to guess. For extra security you may be prompted to change your password periodically. (Now goes back to UK_ENG for the remainder of self-enrolment) Enter your new password etc??

The rest of the enrolment process and all other prompts on the system are played in UK_ENG, this is the only time that this is issue is seen.

This is a new install of UM 4.2(1).




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