Brandon Buffin Thu, 04/19/2007 - 12:22

Do the following:

conf t


max-ephones ?

After typing ?, you should (1-X) where X is the maximum phones the system will currently support.

Hope this helps. If so, please rate the post.


yhab_dataconsult Thu, 04/19/2007 - 12:39

Dear Brandon,

Actuly I have an issue with my CCME and I am not sure if it licence issue or configuration issue.

I am unable to rigester more than 24 phones on my 2852 even after entring "max-ephones 96" in the telephony-service .

atthced is copy of my runnig config.

Rob Huffman Thu, 04/19/2007 - 12:26

Hi Yousif,

Just to add a note to Brandons great info. CME Licensing is Platform Specific. Have a look at the following;

Maximum Total IP Phones (Platform Specific)

Cisco 2801

24 IP Phones

Cisco 2811

36 IP Phones

Cisco 2821

48 IP Phones

Cisco 2851

96 IP Phones

Cisco 3825

168 IP Phones

Cisco 3845

240 IP Phones

From this good doc;

Hope this helps!


Edit: Brandon, please keep in mind that I flunked Typing 10 (I can't keep up :)


gustavo001 Thu, 11/22/2007 - 14:01


I have got the same problem.

If i Have a 2801, how i can get reister more than 24 phones?


Paolo Bevilacqua Mon, 11/26/2007 - 09:55

You can register 30. This is because the real limits are a little higher than the official ones.

AJAZ NAWAZ Tue, 09/30/2008 - 06:25

Hi Rob,

The link is not happening, do you know where it's been moved by any chance please...?

best regards



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