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I have a CCM 4.1(3) pub/sub cluster. This cluster services a main office with about 450 users, in which it is connected locally. It also services 6 other smaller office with between 20-50 people each.

I have a data center that is about 50 miles away from the main office connected by 20Mb/s fiber. Each office has a full T1 to both the main office, and the data center. I would like to move one of these CCM's to the data center for HA, in the event that the main office went offline for some reason.

1 - Which do I move? I would think the Pub/Secondary should move so that the main office w/450 users still utilizes the Sub/Primary locally.

2 - The connection between the data center and main office is Layer3, so the IP address of the one that moves will need to change. Is this possible with CCM?

Thanks for the help.

I have this problem too.
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Yes, Changing CCM IP address is totally doable. Check out the link below. I don't know how many server you have in your CCM cluster but my setup is pretty similar to what you're trying to do. I have a cluster of 4 servers supporting about 1300 phones with locations throughout the US,Canada and India. And I have a Pub and a Sub at the main Data Center in Ca and the other 2 Subs at the backup Data Center in Tx with a full DS3 link between the two locations and all is working like a charm.


I agree with moving the Pub since most users are at the main office and are connected to the Sub and I assume QoS is enabled on the link between the two sites 'cause odd things could happen if there is issue with replication between the Pub and the Sub. And keep in mind users might not have access to the Corporate Directory while the Pub is offline. Other than that I think you are good to go.

Good luck to you !!!



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