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Hi Diego,

There are other VM products that will work with Callmanager but being that this is a Cisco Forum (Plus these are excellent products) I will give you the Cisco Products.

Cisco Unity-delivers unified messaging and intelligent voicemail capabilities to enterprise and mid-market customers with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino environments

Cisco Unity Connection-combines integrated messaging, speech recognition, and call routing rules into an easy-to-manage system for midmarket customers with up to 1500 users

Cisco Unity Express-provides cost-effective integrated voice messaging and automated attendant capabilities for small and medium-sized branch office environments with up to 120 users

Cisco Unity 4.2

Cisco Unity delivers powerful voice, integrated, and unified messaging options that transparently integrate with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, and Novell GroupWise.

Interoperability with existing voice messaging and telephony systems

Custom keypad mapping of the telephony interfaces

Integrated context-sensitive help

Productivity Enhancing Features

New Desktop voice message access using Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

New Mobile voice messages access across a variety of handsets and operating systems using Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator

Alternative Device Recognition: Cisco Unity automatically recognizes alternate devices, such as mobile phones, when accessing the system to streamline access.

New Secure Messaging: Encrypted voice messages can be retrieved only through authorized clients connected to the network.

New Message Monitor: Listen to and pick up calls while a message is being recorded.

New Interrupted Session Recovery: You can automatically return to in-progress message composition or playback if you ended a session prematurely.

New Cisco Unity Phone View: Use the display of a Cisco Unified IP Phone to view, sort, search, and play back voice messages.

New Speech Access: Press or say commands and message addressing deliver "hands-free" operation.

From this Unity Overview;

Cisco Unity Connection is a full-featured voice and integrated messaging solution with a broad range of productivity enhancing features, including advanced call routing rules and speech recognition capabilities. It's simple to install, configure, and manage and scales to meet the needs of organizations with up to 3000 users.

Productivity Enhancing Features:

Manage your messages in "hands-free" mode with natural voice commands.

View, prioritize, and listen to voice messages with Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, an e-mail client or Web browser.

Cisco Unity Connection Phone View - use the display of a Cisco Unified IP Phone to view, sort, search, and play back voice messages.

Use voice commands to list and attend Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express meetings.

Define personal call transfer rules by caller, time of day, and Exchange calendar status.

From this Unity Connection Overview;

Cisco Unity Express provides:

Affordable messaging and greeting services for increased customer service and rich employee communications

Intuitive telephone prompts and a Web-based interface for fast, convenient voicemail and auto attendant administration

Ability to view, sort, search, and play back voice messages using the display of a Cisco Unified IP Phone or your e-mail client

Scalability from 4 to 16 concurrent voice mail or auto attendant calls and 12 to 250 mailboxes

From this CUE Overview;

Hope this helps!


**Edit: Mahesh, you are too quick for me. My typing skills rank about a 1 out of 10 :)


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