Cisco Exams in India

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Apr 23rd, 2007
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Can anyone suggest me how and where do I appear for Cisco exams now when all the prometiric / thomsan conducting exams are blocked in Inida.

Because many people are there who are stalled, because centers are just denying to conduct these exams, earliest possible response would be appreciated.


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Wilson Samuel Mon, 04/23/2007 - 07:06
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Hi Raju,

Cisco is changing its Test Policy for Test Takers in China, Hong Kong, India, and Pakistan, reason behind the same is the unfair means used in the Promteric / VUE testing centers to make the candidates pass the exams.

Hence, Cisco would be conducting the tests ONLY through the Thomson Prometric Test Centers which are OWNED AND OPERATED by Thomson Prometric just like at present we have GRE / GMAT or TOFEL Exams.

Hence you needn't worry if you want to take the Cisco Exams as there are many Promteric Test Centers in India these days.

Please visit

Kind Regards,


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gaurav_dixit06 Wed, 04/25/2007 - 03:54
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Reall thanks a lot for your thought but really it is not much true india is very good country here no chance that paper will happen in other means like some person will do cheating .. i am more sound with cisco technologies in india that nobody will do cheating .

but cisco is doing great job and we r supporting to cisco any way . anything will change will be cisco person and we will do more good compare than now ......

thanks a lot

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Wilson Samuel Wed, 04/25/2007 - 04:37
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Hi Gaurav,

Nothing personal, however I must admit that being born and brought up in India, I have witnessed many candidates who simply don't know even how to Console in, however they are a CCNX.. and I have really had a tough time consoling myself that one day Cisco would bring extreme measures to fake (paper certs) cert candidates, and I strongly belive that day is coming on 1st May 2007.

Thanks for your view though.


Wilson Samuel

PS: I'm totally not counting the candidates from Pakistan, China et al.

gaurav_dixit06 Wed, 04/25/2007 - 05:49
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Dear Sumuel,

i couldn't aggree i am an india ...but i am not supporting not india but really i lost one paper of CCNP then howcome u can say india is not safe ..

i can'tsay any thing for other countries but i am sure about india this is not fair with india ..

India has produeced many number of CCIE's ,which all ccie are working around world ....

Cisco is having a lot CCIe from india who is working with many company Around world .....

See i would like to say that every thing will show negative ans positive effect and feedback ......why r u looking negative impact .... see even if u will pass any exam by cheating but if u will come in real work u will not get success and u will lose u'r work and respect .....So see only good part ...i was thinking to say to cisco about the same ...that see india has given a many number of ccie to world and they are working fine many of them they are in big post with big companies how u can say that india is not good .....u have to come back and think again ......due to not more interaction with india u r thinking but when u will come here u will find a CCNA(from india ) can kill many CCNP from any part of world .......

i couldn't understand why cisco is doing like that india is IT HUB here they r going to do their many office then why if they don't have truse then why r opeing more offices in india .........

just read and see boss india is great ....




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