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Apr 24th, 2007
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we have a 6509 with Supervisor2 and msfc2 (2 running in high availability mode) one of the msfc cards has failed and the replacement has an older version of code. because we cannot write any config to the new one (any vlan interfaces go down down due to the supervisor being automatically put into standby mode) we cannot make contact with any IP interfaces to write the code (taken from the existing MSFC) to the bootflash. which will then allow us to write the router configuration.

does anybody know a way to do this without taking down the entire network and removing the existing sup and configuring this one alone?

we see a copy to slaveflash command but are unsure where this slave memory is.

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ankbhasi Tue, 04/24/2007 - 00:23
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Hi Andy,

I believe you are runnig Native IOS? Also please confirm that when you say you got the replacement you might have got the whole sup engine with msfc replaced?

Also the replaced sup by default come with CATOS on sup and IOS on MSFC till teh time you order replacement with Native IOS. Can you please confirm if this is the current status?



andy.butler Tue, 04/24/2007 - 00:26
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Hi Ankur. yes we are running Catos on sup and ios on msfc.

we have replaced the whole supervisor with msfc2 rather than just the msfc card.

does that answer you're question? any ideas?

ankbhasi Tue, 04/24/2007 - 02:15
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Hi Andy,

So if I got your problem correctly you were having 2 sups with msfc both running CATOS fine and then msfc on one sup got failed and you replaced the whole supervisor. Now you have one sup with msfc running catos already instaleld in chassis and you have got another replaced sup which must be having some different CATOS and IOS on msfc and you want the new replaced sup to work with same catos and ios on msfc which is already theer in your installed sup?

If this is the case you can install your replaced sup back into the chassis and follow some steps to get the CATOS synchronised from already installed sup to replaced sup. So follow this link


Once you are done with same CATOS image on both the sups then we have to plan for upgrading your replaced sup engine msfc to the current image which is running on your active msfc, so for that follow this link


Please come back to us if you have any problem in following the procedure or if you find yourself stuck in the middle.



Amit Singh Tue, 04/24/2007 - 01:47
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In current situation, you L2 traffic will be switched by the active sup with failed MSFC and the Layer 3 traffic will be forwarded by the MSFC on the standby SUP.

Do you have a spare chassis by chance? If yes, then put the new replaced SUP in that chassis and do the config and the image upgrade on both the sup and MSFC and then put it back into the current chassis.

If you dont have a spare chassis, Please scheduled a proper downtime and reload the sup which is active now.The other one will become the active, then insert the other sup engine and do the image and config tranfer.


-amit singh


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